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Rewind the lines


Breakthrough filler treatment – the instant and lasting answer to expression lines

Life is full of surprises, intense emotions and beautiful moments. Each comes with corresponding expressions: a smile, a laugh, a grimace. It’s what makes us beautiful, communicative and human. The down sides of all this wonderful communication, are the expression lines that form as a result. If we don’t want them to take over, the time to act is now.

Expression lines: an explanation

Although undetectable in youth, expression lines actually begin forming long before we notice them. Every time you smile or frown, the muscles in your face place a micro-stress on your skin, breaking down its support system. Your skin is also constantly exposed to harmful free radicals and, with the passage of time, loses hydration and elasticity. When combined, these factors cause the temporary expression lines of youth to become permanent. So, while many of us are lured into a false sense of youthful-skin security, when it comes to anti-ageing, there’s no time like the present.

A liquid filler to the rescue!

Drawing inspiration from the cosmetic industry’s injectable filler procedure, the newest addition to the ARTISTRY™ Intensive Skincare range, Intensive Skincare Vitamin C + HA, uses a breakthrough formula to address creases, fine lines and wrinkles. A powerful combination of Vita-C Complex and Bi-Action Hyaluronic Acid Blend strengthens, hydrates and protects skin, and has been clinically proven to visibly reduce all expression lines.

ARTISTRY Intensive Skincare Vitamin C + HA uses two forms of Vitamin C – a powerful anti-ageing antioxidant – in its Vita-C Complex. The first is a 100% Pure Vitamin C powder, housed in an innovative activating cap for maximum efficacy. The second, a serum with NUTRILITE™-approved Acerola Cherry Extract. The powerful combination provides 95% more antioxidant protection than an orange and 35% more than a former ARTISTRY product, Vitamin C + Wild Yam Treatment.

The second component – the Bi-Action Hyaluronic Acid Blend (HA) – works on two levels. In the upper levels of the dermis, it creates an immediate plumping effect, while in the lower levels it helps to boost the skin’s internal moisture for continuing hydration, suppleness and elasticity. The result? An incredible 86% of women clinically tested showed a reduction in all expression lines and 81% felt their skin was smooth and supple in just one week!

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A complete solution

When paired with other ARTISTRY products, you have the perfect anti-ageing regimen. Begin your routine with your favourite ARTISTRY cleanser and softening lotion, then apply the Intensive Skincare Vitamin C + HA. Finally, seal in the goodness with your favourite ARTISTRY moisturiser.

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